Intervention can be done with a gentle and loving approach. It is designed to “raise the bottom” for the addicted individual so that they do not face a more profound crisis down the road. I will ask you to gather a group of people that care deeply for the struggling addict (this can include family members, friends co-workers etc.). We will meet at least two times (and until you are comfortable) prior to the Intervention to orchestrate the Intervention.

I will provide education, you will share your stories and then each member of the group will write their letter to the addicted individual. The letters are designed to express love and request the addicted individual accept help. We will discuss the leverage we have and the consequences for non-compliance. When structured and guided properly this process is clear and will be rehearsed so everyone will feel prepared.

Harnessing the power of people that the addicted individual loves and respects has a powerful influence and often leads to acceptance of treatment. Choosing to Intervene is a profound act of caring and I applaud you.

Fee ~ $2,400.00
This includes all time spent communicating with the intervention team outside the scheduled meetings and communication with the treatment facilities to which we refer.
Sliding scale is available. All fees are plus travel.